Shop as per your body type

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Being or having any body type is normal but deciding what suits you the most makes you look

beautiful. One of the most important considerations, which most of us ignore is that you need to buy

a dress that goes well with your body shape to make you look splendid. Else, however, the dress is

charismatic; if it does not suit your body type, it will be a failed attempt.

Though Indian traditional dresses are for everyone whether you are fat or thin, if you have a broad

waistline and a heavy bust, you should wear traditional attire in dark colors.

If you have a straight figure, wear koti long suit or jacketed dress. You will definitely find the latest

fashioned suits on couture house matching your body type. The woman with a pear-shaped body

can wear georgette suits, crepe suits, high slit Kurtis, simple toe length round kurti., etc. Apple body

type women can wear a heavily embroidered Kurtis., long-sleeved one, v neck ethnic top[s and

bottoms etc. Hourglass body shape women can go for flared Kurtis, dhoti salwar, palazzo with

tops, frock suit design,

Choose the right land look like a women from heaven.


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